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This website is all about family history.


And Mine.

Family Past Expert

Welcome to Family Past Expert.

I am a genealogist with experience in project management. I became interested in genealogy in my preteen years and have now turned my life-long hobby into a second career. I make use of my corporate experiences in project management, approaching each client endeavor with planning, organization, and attention to detail – and with a passion for family history.

I have Bachelor of Science degrees in Computer Science and Accounting and a master’s certificate in project management. For over three decades, I worked in the information technology industry as a computer programmer, project manager, and finally as a manager.

I spent my free time doing genealogy.

I am a Minnesota native with paternal Norwegian roots and maternal roots in Colonial America. My husband has paternal heritage in Germany and maternal family history from New England. Studying their families has given my experience across the United States and Europe.

I offer a vast array of genealogy services to help you learn more about your family history and to share what you learn with your family.

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Spirits and Spirits

As you have read, I have been interested in family history for decades. The hobby has led me in many directions and I’ve found some good stories along that way. My spirits and spirits blog posts tell the stories of our ancestors.

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