Reads Landing and Cap’n Crunch



It has come to my attention that thus far this blog has covered all ancestors and no alcohol. In an attempt to cover the other kind of spirits and to experiment with the map plug-in, I’ll write a little about our last day trip of 2014.

Late last October, we had one last beautiful day of  fall weather, so we headed toward the river to check out Reads Landing Brewing Company for lunch. Reads Landing, Minnesota is a tiny, unincorporated town that sits alongside the Mississippi River. The town was sleepy and easy to miss (quite literally, we missed the turn off and had to turn around), but the Brewing Company was hopping. After a short wait we got a table and ordered burgers and a couple of their locally crafted beers.

Reed’s Landing.

I ordered the Nightcrawler, which is an appropriate name for a beer brewed alongside a river. It was dark and tasty and if I’d known I was going to start this blog, I’d have taken better notes. The more exciting beer, however, was the one my husband ordered. When he saw a beer that was described as having Cap’n Crunch cereal in it, he couldn’t resist. When his Cap’n Amber arrived, he was busy looking at his phone, so I had the first taste of his beer. I watched him when he finally took a drink. He took a sip and started to say that it wasn’t very exciting. I cut him off and said, “wait for it…” Sure enough, after a few seconds he tasted what I had – the distinct taste of a favorite childhood cereal. It was very unusual and very memorable. We enjoyed our food and the beer.

Reads Landing, Wabasha County, Minnesota, 55968

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