Christianson Family Reunion – Who was there?



Included in a mess of loose photos in a box at my parents’ house that was brought home from my Grandpa Christianson’s house decades ago, were a couple snapshots titled, “Family Reunion.” The photos were of descendants of Barbo and Bjorn Rukke Christianson and were likely taken sometime between 1911 and 1926.

A hundred years later, can we figure out who is who in the photo? Maybe if we work together as a group?

Here are the the two similar photos from the reunion:

As a frame of reference, we do know who is who in this photo of the Barbo and Bjorn Christianson family.

Bjorn Christianson family, left to right, top row: Lena, Clara, Ingebret (I.B.), Jorgine (Jennie), and Bennett (B.M); middle row: Christian (C.B.), Ragnild (Rosie), Bjorn, Barbo and Mary; front row: Maline and Inga.

Figuring out who may be who in the reunion picture is proving to be quite a challenge. I’ve approached the problem socially (asking people) and mathematically (by understanding how old my grandpa, his siblings and his cousins would be in various years), but so far I’ve not been very successful.

Here is that list of Barbo and Bjorn’s grandkids…

So, given this version of the photo, with people numbered? Can we figure out who might be who? Please post your comments below. Note that your comments won’t show up immediately, but will appear eventually. I’m so hopefully that as a group we may be able to solve the puzzle!

1, ?

2. ?

3. ?

4. ?

5. Is this Charles Christianson? Compare this face in the reunion photo to this known photo of Charles:

6. Anton Dalager?

7. ?

8. I.B. Christianson.

9. ?

10. ?

11. Inga Christianson.

12. Mary Christianson Basness.

13. Clara Christianson.

14. ?

15. Bennett Nils Christianson? Compare the face from the reunion photo to this known picture of Bennett from about 1920.

16. ?

17. Is this CB Christianson? Compare this face in the reunion photo to this known photo of CB:

18. ?

19. Bertha Stemson Christianson.

20. Jorgine “Jenny” Christianson. Perhaps?

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One response to “Christianson Family Reunion – Who was there?”
  1. Denise Krueger Avatar
    Denise Krueger

    Could #20 be Jorgine (Jenny) Christianson Benson?

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