National Drink Wine Day – February 18



My brother-in-law brought to my attention, via Facebook, that today is National Drink Wine Day. How did I not know there was an official day for this?

Well, while it is recorded at, the USA Today had a blurb on it, and many local news stations have run stories on it over the last several years, the origins on this seem a little sketchy.

The National Drink Wine Day official site doesn’t say much except that it was started to “celebrate and spread the love of wine.” They mostly want you to join their Facebook fan page or follow them on Twitter.

I guess the internet can make anything real? (It’s supposedly National Crab-Stuffed Flounder Day too, by the way.)

I’m not complaining, just perplexed. I guess in honor of this questionable celebratory day, I’ll go ahead and drink wine. I’ve been pretty remiss on my wine drinking lately, so even if this holiday isn’t very official, it is a good excuse to open one of the many bottles we have stored around the house.

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