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I am very excited to announce that my book “The Christianson Family” is now available. I started work on the book exactly a year ago and after hundreds of hours of work, many interruptions, and some exciting new discoveries, I am finally finished!

This book traces the descendants of Ole Thorson Tollefsgardie who was born about 1777 in Flå, Buskerud, Norway. These descendants number in the thousands, have lived in far corners of the world, and have been known by many different surnames. Extended biographies are included for the families of Ole Thorson Tollefsgardie; his son, Christian Oleson Rukke; his son, Björn Christianson Rukke; his son, Christian Bennett Christianson; and finally, for his son, Bennett Nils Christianson.

If you are interested, you can obtain a copy of the book for yourself by ordering directly from Find links below. At the links you can also see a few sample pages of the book.

The Christianson Family

For more on the Christianson family on this website, see the Christianson Family page.

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