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Mary Stolp (1871-1915)

Mary Leona Stolp.
Mary Stolp.

Mary Stolp was born on 06 Apr 1871 in Sandwich, De Kalb, Illinois, as the youngest child of Ludwig Stolp and Catherine Elisabeth Orth. Her parents were immigrants from Germany. She had thirteen siblings, namely: William, Adolph Edward, Amelia, Louis L, Theodore, Louise, Caroline, Julia, John S, and Henry. The names of two others, who died as infants, are not known.

Ludwig and Catherine Stolp family.
Ludwig and Catherine Stolp family. Back row, from left, John Stolp, Julia Stolp Hable, Louis Stolp, Mary Stolp Miller, Theodore Stolp, Caroline Stolp Nehring. Front, from left, Louise Stolp Herold, Adolph Stolp, Catherine Orth Stolp, Ludwig Stolp, and Amelia Stolp Cluphf. Circa 1894.

When she was 26, she married Frank Palmer Miller, son of George Leifheite Miller and Jane Elizabeth Cornell, on 29 Dec 1897 in Sandwich, De Kalb, Illinois.

Mary Leona Stolp and Frank Palmer Miller, marriage
Mary Stolp and Frank Palmer Miller, marriage.

Their marriage came just two weeks after the death of her mother. Her father had died three years earlier, so she was left alone at home. Though she was the youngest child, Mary and her husband took over the Stolp farm. It seems unusual that the youngest daughter of a large family would get to keep the home farm, but by the time of Mary’s marriage, many of her siblings were already deceased and the others had married and already established their own homes. So, the Stolp farm became the Miller farm. Mary lived her entire life in the home in which she was born.

Miller farm, 1916
The Miller home. Formerly the Stolp home and later the Phillips home.

Frank Palmer Miller and Mary Stolp had one child:

  1. Leona Catherine Miller was born on 26 Aug 1899 in Sandwich, De Kalb, Illinois. She married Floyd Boyce Phillips on 17 Apr 1925 in Sandwich, De Kalb, Illinois. She died on 11 Feb 1976 in Sandwich, De Kalb, Illinois.
Mary, Frank, and Leona Miller..
Mary, Frank, and Leona Miller.

Mary and Frank were farming and raising their daughter when Mary became ill. She developed cancer and had what was reported as a “serious operation.”

The Daily Chronicle (De Kalb, Illinois), 28 Jan 1913.
The Daily Chronicle (De Kalb, Illinois), 28 Jan 1913.

Mary Stolp Miller died on 15 May 1915, in the home of her birth near Sandwich, De Kalb, Illinois, at age 44. Her cause of death was “cysto-carcinoma-pelvic.” She was buried in Oak Ridge Cemetery, Sandwich, De Kalb, Illinois. She left a husband and a fifteen year old daughter.

Daughter Leona’s diary from the week surrounding Mary’s death on 15 May 1915.
Mary Leona Stolp Miller, obituary
Mary Stolp Miller, obituary.
Mary Leona Stolp Miller, grave.
Mary Stolp Miller, grave.

Where is she in the tree?

Relationship chart, Leona Catherine Miller to Mary Stolp.
Pedigree chart, Mary Stolp.

Where can I learn more?

The Miller Family

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