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Sarah Everett (1644-1677)

Sarah Everett was born on 12 Apr 1644 in Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts, as the third child of Richard Everett and Mary Winch. She had four full siblings, namely: Abigail, Israel, Ruth, and Jedediah. Her father had been married before he was married to Mary Winch, so Sarah had six half-siblings, namely: Israel, John, Mary, Samuel, Sarah, and James. Many of these children had died before Sarah was born. For example, she had a sister with the same name who only lived from 14 Mar to 1 April 1641. It was common then to reuse the names of deceased children.

Sarah Everett was baptized on 15 Mar 1646 in Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts.

When she was 21, she married Cornelius Fisher, son of Anthony Fisher and Mary, on 24 Jul 1665 in Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts. Sarah was the second wife for Cornelius. He had become a widower a year earlier on 12 Jan 1664 when his first wife, Leah Heaton, passed away. Cornelius and Leah had had six children and five of them were alive when their mother died. So at the time of her marriage, Sarah Everett Fisher became the step-mother to five children ranging in age from nine to two-years old, namely: Leah, Experience, Cornelius, Ann, and Eliezer.

Sarah Everett - Cornelius Fisher, marriage.
Sarah Everett – Cornelius Fisher, marriage.

Cornelius Fisher and Sarah Everett had the following children:

  1. Dorothy Fisher was born on 17 Apr 1667 in Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts. She died on 10 Apr 1668 in Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts.
  2. Sarah Fisher was born in 1668 in Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachusetts. She married Benjamin Hall on 09 Jan 1692 in Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachusetts. She died on 02 Nov 1756 in Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachusetts.
  3. Jonathan Fisher was born on 26 Oct 1671 in Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts. He died on 09 Nov 1675 in Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachusetts.

Sarah Everett and Cornelius Fisher were early residents of Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachusetts. When they moved there, the place was still called Wollomonopoag. Their second child, Sarah, our ancestor, was born in 1668. The first white child born there was 1 Feb 1668, so Sarah was one of the first. The town or Wrentham was incorporated as a town on 17 Oct 1673 and held its first town meeting on 4 Dec 1673.

Incorporation of Wrentham.
Incorporation of Wrentham.
Incorporation of Wrentham, continued.
Incorporation of Wrentham, continued.
1st Town Meeting in Wrentham.
1st Town Meeting in Wrentham.

Unfortunately, life at Wrentham was interrupted by battles with the Native Americans who the English had displaced. On 30 Mar 1676, the town was abandoned during King Philip’s War. The settlers of Wrentham had to return to Dedham.

Within about four years, the inhabitants of Wrentham could return to their town, but Sarah Sarah Everett Fisher died on 28 Dec 1677 in Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts at the age of 33. She did not live to return to her Wrentham home.

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Relationship chart, Floyd Boyce Phillips to Sarah Everett.
Pedigree chart, Sarah Everett.

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