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Augusta Baumann (1840-1900)

Augusta Baumann was born on 02 Oct 1840 in Germany as the first child of Gottlieb Gotthilf Baumann and his first wife, whose name we do not yet know. Augusta had three full siblings, namely:  Ferdinand, Carl, and John. When she was about 13-years old, her father remarried, at Plathe (Piepenburg, Heidebreck), Pommern, Preußen to Charlotte Friederike Wilhelmine Albertine Koepsell. Gottlieb and Charlotte had four children, half-siblings to Augusta, namely: Ernst, Albert, and twins Julius Herman Bernhard and Wilhelmine Caroline Henriette.

When she was about 25, Augusta Baumann married Johann Krueger about 1866 in Germany. More accurately, they married in the Prussian province of Pomerania. Through the years, the region was part of the Kingdom of Prussia, the German Empire, and now Poland.  It was in 1867, the year that they left for America, that the area joined the German Empire. Plathe, where her father’s second marriage was recorded, is now called Ploty, Poland.


Shortly after Augusta and Johann married, they left Germany and immigrated to Wisconsin. Johann, Augusta, and their first child, Emilie, were passengers on the Therese. The ship left Bremen on 13 Apr 1867 and arrived in Quebec on 29 May 1867. The Kruegers’ dreams of life in America were saddened by the death of Emilie while on board the ship. She died on 7 May 1869 at the age of about eight-months. Since her death was in the middle of the trip, she was no doubt buried at sea. Augusta was eventually reunited with family in America. Her brothers, Carl and John immigrated in 1872 and her brother, Ferdinand, followed 1873. Her father, step-mother, and four half-siblings immigrated in 1874. The whole extended family ended up in Wisconsin. When, Augusta and Johann left Germany, immigrants mainly left due to economic hardships and/or to avoid wars and military service. Starting in 1871, immigration increased dramatically due to continued political and economic problems and because emigration became more affordable.

Johann and Augusta Krueger, immigration.


QC, Canada

Johann Krueger and Augusta Baumann had the following children:

  1. Emilie Krueger was born about Sep 1866 in Germany. She died 7 May 1867 at sea.
  2. Carl Friedrich Emmanuel Krueger was born on 19 Sep 1867 in Mayville, Dodge, Wisconsin (Herman Township). He married Maria Dahl on 10 Jun 1893 in Texas, Marathon, Wisconsin (Town of Texas). He married Wilhelmine Dahl on 06 Jul 1895 in Texas, Marathon, Wisconsin. He died on 02 Jan 1945 in Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
  3. Franz W Krueger was born on 08 Nov 1868 in Herman Township, Dodge, Wisconsin.  He married Emilia Hetzel on 01 Jun 1894 in Texas, Marathon, Wisconsin. He died on 20 Jul 1937 in Texas, Marathon, Wisconsin.
  4. Robert Friedrich Krueger was born on 15 Jun 1870 in Herman Township, Dodge, Wisconsin. He married Theresa Pauline Baumann on 19 Feb 1898 in Wausau, Marathon, Wisconsin. He died on 08 Mar 1948 in Wausau, Marathon, Wisconsin.
  5. Louise Krueger was born on 17 Feb 1872 in Wisconsin. She died on 07 Dec 1896 in Marathon, Wisconsin.
  6. Bernhard Richard R Krueger was born on 18 Nov 1873 in Herman Township, Dodge, Wisconsin.  He married Frieda H Lemke on 05 Aug 1899 in Wausau, Marathon, Wisconsin. He died on 14 Mar 1927 in Oshkosh, Winnebago, Wisconsin.
  7. Anna Marie Mathilde Krueger was born on 24 Oct 1875 in Herman Township, Dodge, Wisconsin.  She married Gustav Otto Johann Viegut on 25 Nov 1897 in Texas, Marathon, Wisconsin (Town of Texas). She died on 19 Dec 1946 in Wien, Marathon, Wisconsin.
  8. Martha J. E. Krueger was born on 12 Oct 1877 in Texas, Marathon, Wisconsin. She married Franz F Gernetzky on 19 Mar 1898 in Wausau, Marathon, Wisconsin. She died on 03 Feb 1941 in Wausau, Marathon, Wisconsin.
  9. Otto Emil A. Krueger was born on 27 Dec 1880 in Texas, Marathon, Wisconsin (Town of Texas). He died on 07 Nov 1888 in Marathon, Wisconsin.

Upon arrival in America, Augusta and Johann Krueger first resided in Dodge County, Wisconsin. They lived in Herman, Dodge, Wisconsin at the time of the 1870 Federal Census.

Johann and Augusta Krueger, 1870 Federal Census.

But, by the time of the 1880 Federal Census, the family had settled in the “Town of Texas” at Texas, Marathon, Wisconsin. That is where they lived the remainder of their lives.

Johann and Augusta Krueger, 1880 Federal Census.

Augusta Baumann Krueger died on 19 Jul 1900 in Texas, Marathon, Wisconsin. She was 59-years old. She was buried in St. Peter’s Cemetery, Wausau, Marathon, Wisconsin.

Where is she in the tree?

Relationship chart, Norman Arthur August Krueger to Augusta Baumann.
Pedigree chart, Augusta Baumann.

How can I learn more?

If you want to learn more, the Krueger book will be of interest.

The Krueger Family

  • Publication date: June 2015
  • Pages: 244
  • Formats:
  • This book covers our Krueger ancestry. Johann and Augusta Krueger left their native Germany to settle in Wisconsin. The book traces four generations of descendants of the immigrants. The stories of the families of their son Bernhard and their grandson Norman are told in detail.

Note: New information, that is not in the book, was found while writing this post, namely: their ship record and the existence of their first daughter.

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