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Johann Friederick Streich (1784-1852)

It is amazing that we know anything about Johann. He didn’t leave behind much trace of his life, or if there are records out there, this researcher hasn’t located them yet. What we know about him comes from his death and burial record, and the baptismal records of his children.

— Denise

Johann Friederick Streich was born on 12 Jun 1784 in Prussia.

When Johann was born, Frederick the Great had been ruling Prussia for over four decades. When he died, Prussia weakened and things weren’t so stable. War became a way of life, for example, in 1792, when Johann was eight-years old, the start of the French Revolutionary wars saw France declaring war on Austria, Prussia, and Sardina. It is quite likely that Johann had to serve in the military as Prussia fought in the Napoleonic Wars and saw the end of the Holy Roman Empire.

To see the ever changing boundaries of “Germany” during Johann’s lifetime and beyond, watch the History of Germany: Every year video.

History of Germany: Every year

Johann Friederick Streich married Maria Elizabeth Luise Liesener in Prussia. Their marriage was not found among other records at Dobberphul, so it is possible that they married elsewhere and possible that Johann and Maria were born in another location. We do know that by the time their oldest known daughter was born, they were in Dobberphul.

Johann Friederick Streich and Maria Elizabeth Luise Liesener had the following children:

  1. Dorothea Sophia Streich was born on 04 Jun 1819 in Dobberphul, Pommern, Prussia. She married Johann Klunner on 14 Nov 1842 in Dobberpuhl, Pommern, Prussia.
  2. Maria Louisa Streich was born on 11 Mar 1821 in Dobberphul, Pommern, Prussia. She married Friedrich Bohn on 22 Feb 1844 in Dobberpuhl, Pommern, Prussia.
  3. Gottfried Streich was born on 06 Sep 1822 in Dobberphul, Pommern, Prussia. He died on 18 Feb 1837 in Dobberphul, Pommern, Prussia.
  4. Joanna Friedericke Streich was born on 08 Nov 1824 in Dobberphul, Pommern, Prussia. She married Gottfried Friederick Draeger on 13 Nov 1848 in Evangelical Church, Dobberphul, Pommern, Prussia. She died on 03 Jan 1906 in Berlin, Marathon, Wisconsin, USA.

Johann and Maria lived at Dobberphul. Today, the town is known as Dobropole Gryfińskie, Poland. But, before 1945, the village was part of Germany (and before that Prussia) and was known as Dobberphul.


Johann Friederick Streich died on 27 Dec 1852 in Dobberphul, Pommern, Prussia, at age 68 years, six months, and 15 days. He was buried on 30 Dec 1852 in Dobberphul, Pommern, Prussia.

Johann Friedrich Streich, death and burial record.

Where is he in the tree?

Relationship chart, Selma Cornelia Aschbrenner to Johann Friederick Streich.
Pedigree chart, Johann Friederick Streich.

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