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Birgit Tolleivsdatter Uppsata was born on 29 Sep 1760 in Ål, Buskerud, Norway. Uppsala has also been transcribed as Opsata. Her father was Tollef or Tolleiv. It has been spelled multiple ways. His farm name was Uppsata or Opsata. It too has been spelled multiple ways.

Birgit Tolleivsdatter Uppsata, baptism.
Birgit Tolleivsdatter Uppsata, baptism, excerpt.

When she was 29, Birget married Ola Olson Nordreli Ro, son of Ola Olson Hoftun and Gunhild Olsdatter Noreim, on 24 Jun 1790 in Gol, Buskerud, Norway.

Marriage, Ola Olson Nordreli Ro and Birgit Tolleivsdatta Uppsala.

Ole Olson was a widower when he married Birgit. He brought a daughter named Gunhild to the marriage.

Ola Olson and Birgit Tolleivsdatter had the following children:

  1. Birgit Olsdatter Ovre Ro was born at Ro and baptized on 02 Oct 1791 in Gol, Buskerud, Norway.
  2. Ole Olson Ro was born in 1793 in Ro, Gol, Buskerud, Norway.
  3. Tolleiv Olson Ro was born in 1796 in Ro, Gol, Buskerud, Norway.
  4. Nils Olson Ro Lostegaard was born about Nov 1798 in Ro, Gol, Buskerud, Norway and baptized on 17 Nov 1798. He married Barbo Eriksdatter Lostegaard on 10 Apr 1825 in Gol, Buskerud, Norway. He died on 11 Mar 1884 in Gol, Buskerud, Norway.
  5. Rangdi Olsdatter Ro was born in 1801 at Ro in Gol, Buskerud, Norway. She was baptized on 04 Oct 1801.
Ro Garden, 12 August 2019.

Birgit was counted in the census in 1801 on the Roe farm at Gol, Buskerud, Norway, along with her husband and children.

1801 Census, Birgit and Ole at Ro.
Ro Garden, 12 August 2019.

Birgit died about 1822. Despite hours of searching her death record hasn’t been found by this researcher, but that is the date other family historians use and it is probably close to accurate. She would have been 62-years old at the time.

Where is she in the tree?

Relationship chart, Bennett Nils Christianson to Birgit Tolleivsdatter Uppsata.
Pedigree chart, Birgit Tolleivsdatter Uppsata.


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