Why would you hire Family Past Expert?



Let me help! Whether you want a quick look at your family tree or you want extensive help with research or publication, I can help you on your family history journey.

Here are five reasons you might want to hire me to help you with your family history.

You don’t know anything about your ancestors…

Maybe you’ve wondered about your roots? You’ve heard your ancestors came from Norway (or wherever), but you have no idea exactly where or when? You’ve heard you have relatives that used to live in Pennsylvania (wherever) but you have no idea how they ended up in Washington State (wherever)? Maybe you know your grandpa’s name, but you have no idea who his parents were?

Family Past Expert can help!

Let me help you build your family tree. We can discuss what you already know and then I can get started finding your ancestors.

You don’t have time!

Maybe you have poked around at genealogy a little but just don’t have the time? Maybe you just don’t have the patience to look page by page through records looking for your people?

Family Past Expert can help!

Let me do the tedious work for you. We can discuss what you want done and then I can get to work crawling through records on your behalf.

You’re stuck!

Maybe you have run out of ideas on where to look to find your elusive ancestor?

Family Past Expert can help!

While sometimes we all hit dead ends and records just don’t exist, being an experienced genealogist, I might have ideas on where to search. I may be able to come up with ways to find your ancestors and get you back farther in your family tree. We can discuss what you have already researched and where you are stuck. Then I can get to work trying to help you break through your family tree brick walls.

You’re not sure your tree is right…

Maybe you need another set of eyes on your research? Maybe you are afraid that you made a mistake in your tree and you want help verifying? Maybe you inherited a family tree from someone and you just aren’t sure that they got it right?

Family Past Expert can help!

I can review what you have, check your sources, and make sure that you are on the right track. Let me get to work validating your tree.

You have a bunch of stuff but don’t know how to share it…

Maybe you have collected a lot of information on your family but you just don’t know how to put it together into something that can be shared with your children, your cousins, and others in your family? Maybe you’d like your research, photos, and family history charts put together into a book?

Family Past Expert can help!

I can expertly take your pile of family history information and assemble it a format that can be shared. I can assemble your information into charts that can be printed and framed. I can prepare a book for you that can be published and printed. I can help you in many ways to allow you to share your genealogy. Let me get to work organizing your family history.

Interested? Contact me today so we can get working on your family history!

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