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Selma Cornelia Aschbrenner, known as Sally, grew up in Marathon County, Wisconsin. As an adult she spent a short time working in Washington D.C. before returning to Wausau to marry and raise a family. This series of posts takes us page by page through the photo album of her teen years and young adulthood. She was an active and vibrant gal. These photos show her doing things she could no long do when her mobility became limited in the following decades.

She collected photographs. Lots and lots of photographs. She took most of them and posed in many. This series gives us a glimpse of Sally’s young life, through her own pictures.

Gals and Kids and Relatives

The sixth page of Sally’s photo album featured a collection of photos taken in and around 1920-22.

Lettes Choice

Lettes Choice.

Sally didn’t leave us captions on this photo or others on the page, so we can only guess. Could this have been some sort of school party? Was “lettes choice” a purposeful misspelling of “ladies’ choice?”

Pictured: Unknown.

Location: Marathon County, Wisconsin.

Date: circa 1921-22.

Tree Stump

There is no explanation given for this photo either. A gaggle of gals on a giant tree stump.

Pictured: Unknown.

Location: Marathon County, Wisconsin.

Date: circa 1921-22.

On the Porch

Sally (second from left) and friends.

Friends of Sally giggle on a porch. The girl seated in the background of the second photo may be Dorothy Boernke (see next photo).

Pictured: Possibly Dorothy Boernke seated in back. Others unknown.

Location: Marathon County, Wisconsin.

Date: circa 1921-22.

Sally and Dorothy

Pauline “Dorothy” Boernke and “Sally” Selma Cornelia Aschbrenner.

Sally and her friend Dorothy Boernke. Sally and Dorothy attended Wausau High School together. They were both in the class of 1922 and both took the “commercial course.” Both were members of the Waugonian Club throughout their high school years. [1]

On 28 June 1922, the ‘gossip column’ section of the Wausau Daily Herald reported, “Dorothy Boernke of Wausau spent a few days at the home of Selma Aschbrenner recently.” [2]

Pictured: Pauline Dorothy Boernke and Selma Cornelia Aschbrenner.

Location: Sally’s parents’ home on Highway A in Town of Berlin, Marathon County, Wisconsin.

Date: circa 1922.


This photo wasn’t labeled. Sally is seen far back right holding a toddler. It looks like Sally’s brother Freddy in the far back left (the tallest boy). And. cousin Elsie is the girl in the middle of the middle row with the light-colored dress. It is possible that the others are cousins and the lady next to Sally may be one of her aunts.

Sally had a total of 48 first cousins. There were 28 cousins on the Aschbrenner side, 18 on the Fehlhaber side, and two, Elsie and Evelyn, who were related on both sides.

There is a good chance that this photo was taken at the Hamburg, Marathon County, Wisconsin, home of Sarah Schroeder and Frank Aschbrenner on the occasion of their first son’s baptism. Son Glenn Frank Aschbrenner was born 02 October 1921 and baptized 23 October 1921.

“Fred Aschbrenner and family, Julius Schroeder and family, Herman Radant and family, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Krause and Ed Aschbrenner attended the christening of the son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Aschbrenner last Sunday.” [3]

Wausau Daily Herald, Tuesday, 25 October 1921.

Uncle Ed probably attended without his wife, Laura, since their second daughter had been born just a month earlier. She probably sent their older daughter, Elsie, along to the festivities.

If this photo was taken on Glenn’s christening day, Sally’s Radant cousins might be in the photo. Esther Radant, would have been almost 12, Violet Radant would have been ten, Raymond Radant would have been nine, and Frieda Radant, six. The girl with pigtails looks a bit like Esther Aschbrenner who was included in a picture on the previous page of the album. There is a lot of speculation and guessing here, but this photo probably does include cousins.

Pictured: Back row (tallest boy), Frederick Carl Aschbrenner. Back row, far right, Selma Cornelia Aschbrenner. Middle row, center in light dress, Elsie Edna Aschbrenner. Others unidentified.

Location: Marathon County, Wisconsin.

Date: Circa 1921.

Frank and Sarah

Sarah and Frank Aschbrenner.

This photo shows Sarah Schroeder looking lovingly at her husband Frank Aschbrenner. Frank was Sally’s uncle. Frank and Sarah married on 18 June 1918. Long time readers may remember Sarah as a major player in the 1917 “Girls Gone Wild” story.

A well-told family story is that Fred Aschbrenner, Sally’s dad, was on the school board and Sarah Schroeder lived with them while teaching a mile down the road . While walking to school she had to walk by the farm place where Frank Aschbrenner lived. Somehow she met Frank. Did she just happen to encounter Frank on the way to or from school one day or when visiting the Fred Aschbrenner house? Maybe so, but was it just a chance encounter the next time? In any case, Frank and Sarah found each other and married.

Pictured: Sarah Schroeder and Frank George Wilhelm Bernard Aschbrenner.

Location: Marathon County, Wisconsin.

Date: circa 1921.

Many thanks to Uncle Chuck Krueger for gifting Sally’s photo albums to me. I suppose I’m the only one who is obsessed enough with family history to spend hours and hours doing something with them. Of course, I thought I should find a way to share.

I didn’t join the Krueger family soon enough to meet Sally. She died 15 May 1983, just two weeks after I started dating her grandson (now my husband). I’m sad that I missed getting to know her. I’m glad that she left a legacy of photos that help me see a side of her that maybe even her own family didn’t get to see.

Many of the faces and places in the photographs are not labeled. If you can help identify someone or someplace, correct any mistake I may have made, or otherwise add to the story, please contact me, for example by submitting a comment. Thanks.

Who is Who?

Fred and Alice Aschbrenner family

Sally Aschbrenner, the subject of this series of posts, was the daughter of Alice Rosalie Fehlhaber and Frederick A. Helmut Aschbrenner. She had one brother named Freddy.

Family Group Sheet, Frederick A Helmet Aschbrenner family.

Three-generation pedigree chart

Pedigree chart, Selma Cornelia Aschbrenner.

Dorothy Boernke

Sally’s friend Dorothy was born Pauline Dorothy Boernke, but used her middle name, even into adulthood. She was born 29 September 1904 in Wausau, Marathon, Wisconsin, to Mathilda Hohman and Ernest H. Boernke. Years after the photo shown above, Dorothy married Kenneth A. Lubeck, on 28 August 1928, at age 58. They had no children. They lived at 1319 Fourth Street in Wausau. Kenneth died 25 March 1963. Dorothy lived as a widow for 28-years. She passed away 03 May 1991, in Marathon County. She was 86-years old at the time of her death. [4] [5]

Sally’s first cousins

Sally had a total of 48 first cousins. There were 28 cousins on the Aschbrenner side, 18 on the Fehlhaber side, and two, Elsie and Evelyn, who were related on both sides. The following table shows a list of the grandchildren of Carl F. Fehlhaber and Emilie Friedericke Luise Draeger, Sally’s maternal grandparents and the grandchildren of Frederick Wilhelm Aschbrenner and Bertha Auguste Henriette Kluender, her paternal grandparents. Three of the Aschbrenner cousins were half-cousins who were a result of her grandpa Frederick Wilhelm Aschbrenner’s first marriage. That marriage ended when his wife died young.

Mable A. Raduechel18911969Amelia EmilieAschbrenner1/2 cousin
Adelia A S Raduechel18931962Amelia EmilieAschbrenner1/2 cousin
Elmer Charles Beilke18941981Mathilde A. EmilieFehlhaber
Herbert Fred Charles Raduechel18951977Amelia EmilieAschbrenner1/2 cousin
Edwin Leonard Beilke18961981Mathilde A. EmilieFehlhaber
Frederick Carl William Anklam18961981Emma Wilhelmine MariaFehlhaber
Harry William Carl Anklam18991987Emma Wilhelmine MariaFehlhaber
Clarence Albert Beilke19001987Mathilde A. EmilieFehlhaber
Ervin Anklam19011961Emma Wilhelmine MariaFehlhaber
Clara Anklam19031993Emma Wilhelmine MariaFehlhaber
Selma Cornelia Aschbrenner19041983Frederick A Helmut and Alice Rosalie FehlhaberBothSally
Leona Freda Emma Beilke19041985Mathilde A. EmilieFehlhaber
William Martin Otto Beilke19051988Mathilde A. EmilieFehlhaber
Ervin Aschbrenner19061974Otto Emil ValentineAschbrenner
William Otto Anklam19061992Emma Wilhelmine MariaFehlhaber
Marvin Gottlieb Henry Aschbrenner19071957Otto Emil ValentineAschbrenner
Clarence Daniel Carl Fehlhaber19071910Carl Fredrich HenreFehlhaber
Erna Emma Anklam19081998Emma Wilhelmine MariaFehlhaber
Margaret Fehlhaber19081910Carl Fredrich HenreFehlhaber
Frederick Carl Aschbrenner19091936Frederick A Helmut and Alice Rosalie FehlhaberBothSally’s brother.
Leone Aschbrenner19091972Otto Emil ValentineAschbrenner
Esther R. Radant19091998Laura Amalia HenriettaAschbrenner
Margaret Bertha Anklam19102002Emma Wilhelmine MariaFehlhaber
Frederick W. Fehlhaber19101980Carl Fredrich HenreFehlhaber
Esther Aschbrenner19111968Otto Emil ValentineAschbrenner
Verna Berha Axhbrenner19112009Henry Herman HeinrichAschbrenner
Violet Mabel B Radant19111988Laura Amalia HenriettaAschbrenner
Raymond Herman Radant19121994Laura Amalia HenriettaAschbrenner
Elsie Edna Aschbrenner19131985Edward Albert Reinhart and Laura FehlhaberBoth
Otto Gust Anklam19131917Emma Wilhelmine MariaFehlhaber
Gordan Herbert Aschbrenner19141919Henry Herman HeinrichAschbrenner
Alice Aschbrenner19151981Henry Herman HeinrichAschbrenner
Frieda Marie Radant19151985Laura Amalia HenriettaAschbrenner
Esther Rozeld Viola Anklam19161988Emma Wilhelmine MariaFehlhaber
Margaret Bertha Augusta Poeske19171993Hilda Amanda AlvinaAschbrenner
Dorothy Frieda Aschbrenner19202010Henry Herman HeinrichAschbrenner
Alfred Walter Emil Poeske19202013Hilda Amanda AlvinaAschbrenner
Evelyn Ruth Aschbrenner19212001Edward Albert Reinhart and Laura FehlhaberBoth
Glenn Frank Aschbrenner19212009Frank George Wilhelm BernardAschbrenner
Clarence Aschbrenner19221943Otto Emil ValentineAschbrenner
Harold F. Radant19221995Laura Amalia HenriettaAschbrenner
Wilbert W. Poeske19221933Hilda Amanda AlvinaAschbrenner
Norma Grace Aschbrenner19232007Henry Herman HeinrichAschbrenner
Phyllis May Aschbrenner19232007Frank George Wilhelm BernardAschbrenner
Imogene Emily Fehlhaber19261926Robert Edward O.Fehlhaber
Victor Ervin Poeske19271927Hilda Amanda AlvinaAschbrenner
Florence Lucille Poeske19271927Hilda Amanda AlvinaAschbrenner
Vivian Aschbrenner19281930Frank George Wilhelm BernardAschbrenner
Poeske1929Hilda Amanda AlvinaAschbrennerStill living as of May 2020.
Thomas Leigh Aschbrenner19311981Frank George Wilhelm BernardAschbrenner
Grandchildren of Carl F. Fehlhaber and Emilie Friedericke Luise Draeger, Sally’s maternal grandparents and the grandchildren of Frederick Wilhelm Aschbrenner and Bertha Auguste Henriette Kluender; Sally’s cousins.

Sarah Schroeder and Frank Aschbrenner

Frank George Wilhelm Bernard Aschbrenner was one of Sally’s paternal ancestors. He was married to Sarah Schroeder.

Relationship chart, Selma Cornelia Aschbrenner to Frank George Wilhelm Bernard Aschbrenner.
Family Group Sheet, Frank George Wilhelm Bernard Aschbrenner and Sarah Schroeder.

Footnotes and Selected Sources:

[1] “U.S., School Yearbooks, 1880-2012”; School Name: Wausau High School; Year: 1922,

[2] “Hamburg,” Wausau Daily Herald (Wausau, Wisconsin) 28 Jun 1922, page 7 ( : accessed 24 May 2020).

[3] “Hamburg,” Wausau Daily Herald (Wausau, Wisconsin) 25 Oct 1921, page 4 ( : accessed 24 May 2020).

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[5] “Kenneth A. Lubeck,” Wausau Daily Herald (Wausau, Wisconsin) 26 Mar 1963, page 2 ( : accessed 25 May 2020).

The Aschbrenner Family

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