Anklam – Dern Wedding, 1926



Can you identify the guests at the wedding of Florence Dern and Ervin Anklam on 22 May 1926, in Rib Falls, Marathon, Wisconsin? These photos were from a photograph album put together by Sally Aschbrenner. She played the wedding march at the wedding. She and the groom were maternal cousins.


One of these girls is Elsie Aschbrenner, daughter of Laura who was the sister of the mother-of-the groom, Emma Wilhelmine Maria Fehlhaber.

Were the other girls relatives too? There were nine living female first cousins at the time of the wedding, namely, Clara Anklam, Selma “Sally” Aschbrenner, Leona Beilke, Erna Anklam (maid of honor), Margaret Fehlhaber, Margaret Anklam, Elsie Aschbrenner, Esther Anklam, and Evelyn Aschbrenner.

According to the newspaper article, Erna, the maid of honor, was dressed in peach crepe de chine. It doesn’t seem that any of these gals is dressed for maid of honor duties. Erna was 18-years old at the time of the wedding.

Evelyn was only about five years-old at the time, so she is not in this picture.

Esther was ten.

Elsie, age 13, is the girl second from left.

Margaret Anklam was 15.

Leona Beilke was 21.

Sally was 22-years old (she’s not in this picture).

Clara Anklam was 22.

The Anklam girls were sisters of the groom.

Guests at Ervin Aschbrenner wedding, Elsie Aschbrenner is second from left.

More cousins?

Selma “Sally” Cornelia Aschbrenner is the girl to the far right of this photo. Were the other girls possibly a couple of the cousins?

Guests at the Evrin Anklam wedding, Sally Aschbrenner is far right.

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