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I am quite humbled to have been nominated and beyond thrilled to have been selected as the winner of the Wisconsin Historical Society’s 2023 Genealogy Book Award.

I take my genealogy work quite seriously and it feels really good to have some of that hard work acknowledged. Echoing the award letter, I spend a lot of time working to collect, preserve, and share history through the written word, and it is good to know that my efforts are not going without some recognition.

Thanks to our distant relative Keene Winters for nominating my book, “The Aschbrenner Family.”

I know that the audience for my book is quite limited, but if you are related on the Aschbrenner side of the family, you may wish to get a copy. Or, you can now read a copy in the Wisconsin Historical Society in Madison.

2023, Genealogy Book Award, Wisconsin Historical Society.
Award letter.

The Aschbrenner Family

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