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Albert “Tom” Aveldo Phillips (1841-1925)

Albert Aveldo Phillips was born on 26 Dec 1841 in Sugar Grove, Kane, Illinois as the third child of Jacob W Phillips and Betsey Holmes. He had two siblings, namely: Francis Jerome, and Harriet Eliza. However, both of his parents had been married and widowed before being married to each other, so Tom was actually the youngest of his father’s 12 children and the youngest of his mother’s siblings. Besides Francis Jerome and Harriet Eliza Phillips, Tom’s siblings included William James Phillips, Elizabeth Sophia Phillips, Lena Marie Phillips, Barbara Phillips, Lucy Caroline Phillips, Charlotte Phillips, Peter Leander Phillips, Celinda Amelia Phillips, Jacob Lonsbury Phillips, Eliza Ann Breed, Jabez N Breed, Frances Marie Breed, Dudley Breed and James M Breed. So, in all, he had sixteen siblings. The oldest brother was born in 1801, so there was a 40-year age difference between Tom and his brother, William.

Albert Aveldo Phillips was known as Tom.

Tom’s father died in 1847 when Tom was only about five years old. His mother remarried three years later to Joseph Oscroft. Tom was raised by this step-father from age eight to age fifteen. Joseph died in 1857 leaving Tom’s mom a widow for the third time in her life.

As Tom entered adulthood, the Civil War broke out. He and his brother Jerome enlisted in the army together on 6 Dec 1861. They were both a privates in Illinois’ Company I, 58th Infantry. They also both were listed as deserters in Feb 1863. That may sound terrible, but it was not uncommon. Their unit was not fed or equipped properly and most of the unit had been captured and sent to a prison camp in the south. Tom, Jerome, and others who had escaped capture, went home.

Albert and Amelia Phillips.

When he was 24, dark haired, blue eyed, 5′ 7″ Tom Phillips married Amelia A Brace, daughter of Edmund Brace and Jerusha Bennett, in about 1866. She was known as Millie.

Albert Aveldo Phillips and Amelia A Brace had seven sons:

  1. Guy Allison Phillips was born on 13 May 1866 in Clarence, Erie, New York. He married Gertrude Lovin Boyce on 01 Oct 1888 in Aurora, Kane, Illinois (rural Aurora). He died on 04 Dec 1940 in Aurora, Kane, Illinois (rural Aurora).
  2. Frank Lonsbury Phillips was born on 26 Feb 1868 in Aurora, Kane, Illinois. He died on 31 Jan 1948 in Long Beach, Los Angeles, California, USA. He married Mary Olivia Mighell on 21 Jan 1891 in Sugar Grove, Kane, Illinois.
  3. Clarence Arthur Phillips was born on 01 Mar 1870 in Bristol, Kendall, Illinois. He died on 17 Aug 1935 in Elgin, Kane, Illinois (Age: 64). He married Mayme E Bell on 13 Jun 1898 in Cook, Illinois. He married Edna B Nelson on 27 Oct 1917 in Chicago, Cook, Illinois.
  4. Edmund B Phillips was born on 07 Jan 1872 in Bristol, Kendall, Illinois. He died on 28 Feb 1953 in Kane, Illinois. He married Harriet B Warren on 01 Aug 1901 in Chicago, Cook, Illinois.
  5. Charles Floyd Phillips was born on 17 May 1874 in Bristol, Kendall, Illinois. He died on 03 Oct 1950 in Illinois. He married Mayme Stanton on 09 May 1900 in Aurora, Kane, Illinois.
  6. Harold Everett Phillips was born on 02 Jun 1876 in Bristol, Kendall, Illinois. He died on 01 Jun 1937 in Aurora, Kane, Illinois (Age: 60).
  7. Faye Elmer Phillips was born on 23 Sep 1880 in Aurora, Kane, Illinois. He married Kathryn Elfie Bramble on 18 Mar 1903 in Kane, Illinois. Faye died on 27 Aug 1935 in Aurora, Kane, Illinois at age 54.
Albert and Amelia Phillips family. Back, from left, Frank, Edmund, Guy, Harold, and Faye. Front, from left, Clarence, Amelia, Albert and Charles.
Albert and Amelia Phillips family. Back, from left, Frank, Edmund, Guy, Harold, and Faye. Front, from left, Clarence, Amelia, Albert and Charles.

Tom and Millie started out farming in Sugar Grove Township, Kane County, Illinois but in 1868, he sold his interest in the family homestead and moved to Kendall County, Illinois. After farming there for fourteen years, he returned to Kane County and purchased a farm near Montgomery. Tom retired from farming in 1891 when he was about fifty years old. The couple spent their last years living in Aurora, Kane, Illinois.

Albert “Tom” Aveldo Phillips died on 31 Jul 1925 in Aurora, Kane, Illinois. He was 83-years old. He is buried with his wife at the Riverside Mausoleum, formerly known as Riverside Cemetery, in Montgomery, Kane, Illinois.

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Relationship chart, Floyd Boyce Phillips to Albert Aveldo Phillips.
Pedigree chart, Albert Aveldo Phillips.

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