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Adam Boyce (1787-1874)


Adam Boyce was born on 25 Jul 1787 in Londonderry, Rockingham, New Hampshire, as the fifth child of Robert Boyes and Genet Boyes. He had six siblings, namely: Mary, Joseph, Hugh, Margaret, James, and Robert.

Log of Boyce births included in Robert Boyce Revolutionary War pension file.

War of 1812

As a young man, Adam served in the War of 1812. He went as a substitute for a man named Joseph Pillsbury who was drafted. Adam enlisted for a three-month term beginning 12 Sep 1814. He was discharged on 3 Nov 1814.

History of Cheshire County New Hampshire, Adam Boyce.
Adam Boyce, military roll.

Marriage and Children

When he was 31, Adam Boyce married Mary Loverin, daughter of John Loverin and Betty Hall, on 02 Mar 1819 in Croydon, Sullivan, New Hampshire (then Cheshire county).

Loverin-Boyce, marriage record.
Loverin-Boyce, marriage record.

Adam Boyce and Mary Loverin had the following children:

  • Elias Smith Boyce was born on 26 Nov 1819 in Springfield, Sullivan, New Hampshire. He married Chloe Ann Bacon on 08 Mar 1843. He married Janette Dodge on 12 Jun 1877 in Big Rock, Kane, Illinois. He married Harriet French on 27 Jan 1887 in Big Rock, Kane, Illinois. He died in Dec 1899 in Kaneville, Kane, Illinois (Age: 80).
  • Achsah Jane Boyce was born on 27 Mar 1823 in Springfield, Sullivan, New Hampshire. She married Ebenezer Milo George on 04 May 1842 in Strafford, Orange, Vermont. She died on 18 Jul 1917 in Big Rock, Kane, Illinois (Age: 94).
  • Sophronia Jennette Boyce was born on 09 Mar 1825 in Springfield, Sullivan, New Hampshire. She married Peleg Young on 12 May 1851 in Strafford, Orange, Vermont. She died on 11 Mar 1890 in Aurora, Kane, Illinois (Age: 65).
  • Oliver Selam Boyce was born on 30 Apr 1827 in Springfield, Sullivan, New Hampshire. He married Mary Jane Frost on 02 Jul 1857 in Massachusetts (New England). He died on 22 Jan 1878 in Blackberry, Kane, Illinois (Age: 50).
  • Sylvanus Boyce was born on 29 Jan 1830 in Springfield, Sullivan, New Hampshire. He married Phebe Sweetser on 19 May 1856 in Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts. He died on 20 Jan 1897 in Illinois (Age: 66).
  • Lucinda Hall Boyce was born on 05 Feb 1832 in Springfield, Sullivan, New Hampshire. She married John S Kibling on 21 Feb 1855 in Strafford, Orange, Vermont.  She died on 25 Jun 1920 in Batavia, Kane, Illinois (Age: 88).
  • Mary Loverin Boyce was born on 26 Feb 1836 in Strafford, Orange, Vermont. She married George Franklin Smith on 10 May 1856 in Kane, Illinois. She died on 13 Oct 1928 in Aurora, Kane, Illinois (Age: 92).

New Hampshire and Vermont

Adam and Mary started their married life in New Hampshire. Following them through census records, we know that in 1830, they lived in Springfield, Sullivan, New Hampshire.

But, in 1840 and 1850,  they lived in Strafford, Orange, Vermont.

They still lived in Strafford on 18 Aug 1853 when Adam wrote a letter to support an attempt by the family to clear up matters regarding the Revolutionary War pension that his mother had been seeking prior to her death. In his letter, Adam defended his father’s service and stated that he even had possession of a gun and powder horn that his father had used in service. (Sure wish we still had that gun in the family!)

Letter from Adam Boyce.
Adam Boyce letter, page 2.


By 1855, the Boyce family was living in Blackberry, Kane, Illinois. Because he has served in the War of 1812, Adam was granted land warrants. From records in his pension file, we know that Adam was the recipient of 120-acres of land via bounty land warrant #20022 and another 40-acres via warrant #44186.

Adam and Mary, as well as their adult children and their families, all resettled in Illinois.

Adam Boyce, pension file.
Adam Boyce, pension file.

Adam Boyce was recorded in the 1865 Illinois State Census living in Kane County.  There were a total of two people living in his household, namely Adam and Mary. His live stock was valued at $13. His sons-in-law, Milo George and Peleg Young where listed in neighboring farms. They still lived in Blackberry Township at the time of the 1870 Federal Census.

1865 Illinois State Census, Adam Boyce.

Adam Boyce died on 17 Jun 1874 in Blackberry, Kane, Illinois at the age of 86. He was buried in Sugar Grove Cemetery, Sugar Grove, Kane, Illinois.

Where is he in the tree?

Relationship chart, Floyd Boyce Phillips to Adam Boyce.
Pedigree chart, Adam Boyce.

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