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We are related to the Estes of Estes Model Rockets

Nearly every week, a mystery is solved or some interesting twig (or nut) appears somewhere on the family tree. Here is a little news of recent findings.

Growing up, I was only vaguely aware of Estes Model Rockets. But, I married into a family of boys who had quite a collection. My only contribution to discussions of model rockets was something like, “My mom’s maiden name was Estes.” I’m sure no one was impressed.

Launching model rockets, 1986.

Maybe they would have been more impressed if I was able to tell them how we are related?

The Estes Trails newsletter, that arrived in my inbox this week, included an article titled, “Vernon Estes – Rocket Man.”  So, that inspired me to do a little research to find out if we connect to the guy. We do. But, don’t get too excited. The connection is very distant. He is a 7th cousin of my mom. He and Mom have the same 6th great-grandpa, Abraham Estes. Abraham was our immigrant ancestor who came from England to Virginia in the 1670s.

Even though we only share a little bit of DNA, Vernon Estes‘ story is interesting. He was the one to come up with a way to mass produce the small rocket engines that were needed to launch the model rockets into the air. Then he founded Estes Industries.

You can find a lot of information at Vernon Estes’ website that might make some of you nostalgic for playing with model rockets.

Launching model rockets, 1979.
Launching model rockets, 1979.

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