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The Estes Family

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  • This book traces our Estes family from our earliest known Estes ancestor, Nicholas Estes, who was born about 1495 in England. His descendants, beginning with our immigrant ancestor, Abraham Estes, lived through all the major events in American history. Detailed biographies are included for twelve generations of ancestors from Nicholas through the family of his 9th great-grandson, Thomas Leland Estes. Thousands of descendants have been identified and are listed.
John Thomas Estes (seated) with his children, from left, James, Gussie, Ida, Herman, Bob, and Tom, circa 1914.

Pedigree Chart

The Estes Family Tree traces the ancestors of Thomas Leland Estes back from Minnesota to Iowa, Missouri, North Carolina, Virginia, and Europe. It takes us back to Charlemagne and ancient kings, but beware that the farther back you get, the harder it is to really prove that it is valid. Once you get past the 1600s, the paper trail is harder to find. The more ancient genealogy on the tree based on the work of other researchers, so take it with a grain of salt. It is fun to see how we (might) connect with the ancient kings, but harder to prove. More recent generations are much more accurate.

Pedigree Chart for Thomas Leland Estes

Descendant Chart

Descendants of Nicholas Estes

Where are they in the tree?

Ancestor Report for Thomas Leland Estes

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