Cpl. Floyd in France – 1 June 1919




It is always exciting when my overnight house guests bring a stack of things that they know their family historian will enjoy. It is especially fun when the pile of things includes a photo from exactly one-hundred years ago.

Corporal Floyd Boyce Phillips was hanging out in France when this photo was taken on 01 June 1919. He was near Camp Chenueriere at Iscudun France. It appears that he and his buddies had caught some type of furry animal (perhaps a fox?) and, clearly, it was a worthy occasion for taking a photo.

Floyd Phillips, France, 01 June 1919.

Twenty-seven-year old Floyd had been in France for almost a year, having left Newport News, Virginia, on 31 July 1918. Exactly a month after this photo was taken, Floyd was shipped home, departing from Brest, Finistère, Bretagne, France, aboard the Cap Finistere on 1 July 1919.

The Phillips Family

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