26 July 1918 Camp Stuart



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Many thanks to Coralee for providing me with artifacts throughout the years and especially for the stack of WWI-era letters that were delivered to me on 31 May 2019. They have provided countless hours of family history entertainment.

– Denise

After a short night of sleep in a real bed, Floyd woke up to his first day in Camp Stuart at Newport News, Virginia.

26 July 1918.

July 26

“Up” at 6:00 AM and the days doings as usual.

Had considerable policing to do and 36 P.O.D. had the record for the best policed area “here.”

In P.M. all (most all) filled their bed ticks with straw which added to the niceness of that good bed of ours.

26 July 1918.

After mess we turned in everything but two O.D. suits; 2 suits underclothes; 2 pr shoes, 1 hat, 1 haverrack; 1 blkt; 1 bed rack and 1 shelter half. (Those fellows without straw were out of luck.) Turned in our pants and had to get them again.

Played a little catch tonite.


Another Day at Camp Stuart.


Floyd Boyce Phillips, “Journal” (Army, 1918-1919).” privately held by Denise Krueger, Rochester, MN, 2019.

The Phillips Family

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