29 July 1918 Final Inspections



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Many thanks to Coralee for providing me with artifacts throughout the years and especially for the stack of WWI-era letters that were delivered to me on 31 May 2019. They have provided countless hours of family history entertainment.

– Denise

As their departure grew nearer, Floyd and his fellow soldiers were issued equipment, inspected, examined, and educated.

29 July 1918.

7.29.18 _______ a guy up in a wresting squabble.

Monday July 29

We made preparations for our overseas inspection and put all our equipment on our bunks where they stayed nearly all day.

The 367th  Co. stood high Co. in the inspection.

Had two physical examinations. One of them was on our feet.

Some of the non-coms were issued revolvers.

I played a little catch after retreat then cleaned up to go over to the Y. to an entertainment but found out they were not letting anyone out.

29 July 1918.

Soon the whistle blew and we lined up and 87 of us were taken over to Y. for a reflective and very instructive motion picture.

We certainly had an awful time getting over there. Capt. H. was very angered because 36 was not there on time and sent Act Sergt King to his barracks. “Some line up” when we all formed.


Last Day at Camp Stuart


Floyd Boyce Phillips, “Journal” (Army, 1918-1919).” privately held by Denise Krueger, Rochester, MN, 2019.

The Phillips Family

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