31 July 1918 – Shipping Out



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Many thanks to Coralee for providing me with artifacts throughout the years and especially for the stack of WWI-era letters that were delivered to me on 31 May 2019. They have provided countless hours of family history entertainment.

– Denise

After a very early wake-up call, Floyd left from Newport News, Virginia, on 31 Jul 1918, aboard America Ital. He was part of the 36th Prov. Ord. Depot Co. 1st Prov. Ord Depot Regt, or in other words the 36th Provisional Ordinance Depot Company 1st Provisional Ordinance Depot Regiment.

31 July 1918.

Wed July 31.

All up at 3:15 AM.

Emptied our bed sacks – two mile walk to do same.

Came back. Rolled packs & mess.

Policed up and we left our barracks at Camp Stuart at 6:20 A.M. – drizzling rain.

31 July 1918.

Arrived in front of headquarters embarkation office at 7:10.

Stood there with packs on until 7:50 when we were marched over to the loading house.

Here we were given cookies & coffee by the Red Cross.

Stayed here until 10:15 AM.

Then we were checked up and single filed out to “The America” my first boat.

Stept off of American ground at 10:20 (do you suppose for the last time? I’ll say no.

31 July 1918.
SS Amerika

Stept on the America at 10:30 took bunk 232 on the top. I believe this top idea a good one – will know more about it later.

Went up on deck but was called down and had to take bunk 134 a lower one (inuf said).

Left the dock at 12:45 then led by a battle ship we and two other transports were on our way.

31 July 1918.

At 2:45 we passed a Battle Ship and at 3:15 PM we passed two other Battle Ships. On one was an observation balloon.

Met a transport about this time pulling in.

At 4:45 we came close to an American sub. An interesting sight was the signaling from one ship to another.

At about five P.M. the three transports spread out and traveled abreast.

31 July 1918.

Besides these ships is 2 sub chasers and a torpedo destroyer.

Had mess about six. Rice pudding – bread – jam & black tea.

1 hr. later boys starting to see sickness.

As yet I am feeling fine.

7:30 went down for my overcoat and sweater.

Storm coming up and getting rough.

I stayed out deck all nite did not feel well in morning but not sick.

Military transport record, Floyd Boyce Phillips.


First Day on the USS America


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The Phillips Family

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