3 August 1918 Still on the Water




Many thanks to Coralee for providing me with artifacts throughout the years and especially for the stack of WWI-era letters that were delivered to me on 31 May 2019. They have provided countless hours of family history entertainment.

– Denise

It’s good to know that Floyd was confident in the ability of the gunners, destroyers, and battleship that accompanied their transport ship on their ocean voyage.

03 August 1918.

Had good nites sleep and got up on Sat Aug 3 in time to clean up before mess.

Our mess was oatmeal-meat coffee & bread.

Target practice by transports in A.M. Our stern gunner “hit” 3 out of 5… (I believe it the best record.)

Sailed circles until about 3:30 P.M. then took positions and traveled on our way

(Din. Beef, soup, bread) Supper. Beef, potatoes, bread & tea.

About 7:00 P.M. sighted what looked to be a sail boat in the N.E. horizon.

3 August 1918.

The destroyer changed its course and made directly for sail boat.

Wrote a letter home & one to Canada folks.

(had life boat drill at usual time)

Our stern gunner was given $10.00 by the Am. Capt. as a prize for his good marksmanship during target practice. Also $5.00 by the Italian Capt. (Gunner is an Italian) Target 2 mi away. He has been on this transport 12 mo. and has not seen a “sub.” His good shooting accounts for our taking the rear & outside to the convoy of ships.

3 August 1918.

It is wonderful the confidence all have in our gunners and our Destroyers & Battleship. All are as perfectly contented as if they were Carrie Lye in the well – as to being concerned about the danger of a sub attack.

A beautiful nite – I stayed on deck until after dark. Had good nite.


A Day of Rest at Sea


Floyd Boyce Phillips, “Journal” (Army, 1918-1919).” privately held by Denise Krueger, Rochester, MN, 2019.

The Phillips Family

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