25 March 1919 A Letter from Arthur that actually got put in the mail




Many thanks to Coralee for providing me with artifacts throughout the years and especially for the stack of WWI-era letters that were delivered to me on 31 May 2019. They have provided countless hours of family history entertainment.

– Denise

Remember that letter that Arthur wrote to his brother Floyd back in late January? The one that filled Floyd in on the wedding he missed? Well, it never got put in the mail. So Arthur added on to it and finally mailed it at the end of March.

Since Albert last wrote, the final draft of the peace treaty, that would formally end the Great War, had been presented to President Wilson. Progress was being made, but Floyd still waited in France for his chance to go home.

Arthur Guy Phillips letter to Floyd, postmarked 25 March 1919.

Well Foe this is a sure shame, I just found out to nite that you hadn’t received this letter. Florence found it a day or two ago. I had it out home at the time I wrote it but came away with out it so I called up home about three times about mailing it. I told them to be sure and do it, but with all my cautioning you see what has happened.

Somehow I have looked for a letter that would somehow answered this but I see now that you never got this letter. I suppose you have wondered why we didn’t write in regard to the wedding etc.

I certainly have tried hard to do every one justice as to writing this year. I have written you quite often and Roy sure has no kick as I have written him most every week.

In a previous letter, Arthur mentioned having trouble with his knee. Now it sounds like he is going through litigation to get compensated for personal injury. Perhaps someone reading knows something about the back story and could fill the rest of us in? Going through the process sounds annoying though Arthur seems to have a solid case.

Talk about hard luck. I sure am having a great plenty. I just can’t get away from here. That old Q seems to hang on like fire. The last thing they did was to give me an examination also an exray, that was about a week ago.

Gunsul phoned me this P.M. & wants me to come down to the office at 9:30 in the morning as Northam is going to talk business in the P.M. it seems that Northam has something on me & Gunsul wants to talk it over with me first. It surely has taken a long long time to make a deal, but I hope that this will be about the last of the “tom foolery.”

Arthur Guy Phillips letter to Floyd, postmarked 25 March 1919.

I am still hanging out for the 5000.00. With me it is that or “bust.”

In looking over this letter I see that I mentioned about the old “racer” Florie. Indeed it was a shame that you didn’t have her while on your latest tour. I suppose she could have taken you sight seeing on the Medeteranian.

Some time ago I thot it funny you didn’t answer my inquiry in regard to her. May be you can give some light on the subject after you see that I still remember your old standby the “racer.”

…but I’ll sure be glad when the “Big five” are all on the farm in Fannystelle…

– Arthur Guy Phillips

Say I’ll bet you had the time of your life while out on your trip. I suppose nothing could ever take the place of your having seen as much country as you have. Albert would have been most mighty glad to have been with you, for that matter I guess the rest of us wouldn’t “back up” at the chance. Albert left for Canada nite before last. I suppose he is up there now. I suppose telling how much he loves Texas. By the way a section of land a mile and a half from ours (in Texas) sold for $22,000,000.00. Uncle Ed. had all deeds etc out in the next min. I suppose we’ll be worth a couple million some day. Maybe it would be a good thing for you to stop over in England and bring home 4 or 5 millions on the Frost estate. ___ much for the millions but I’ll sure be glad when the “Big five” are all on the farm in Fannystelle Manitoba Can.

Arthur Guy Phillips letter to Floyd, postmarked 25 March 1919.

It is Sun. 11:59 and it sure is a find day. I delay this letter until today as I thot I could tell you more about my Q deal but I won’t know until about Tues, so I will send this & write later.

They had two big “things on me” one was that I was gored with a bull & had my knee hurt. You as well as any one in the world knows how I played that same day after being gored. Of course Gunsul knocked that in the head. Then a Mrs. Minard (related to Parker Q claim against) (she also call Mrs. Crane but got no information) a teacher on the West Side will swear that I was laid out in football for 2 or 3 mo., a knee injury. Good for her I hope she swears to that if we have a suite. I can get Crane, Sigrand, Gould, Green & a dozen or two more that can make her evidence look like a nickel. I suppose they will settle it but I really hope not, for this big reason “Brenickie” the Q Dr. exam. Me and he admits I am still bad. He finds a chronic condition in my knee and my back is bad. They have a letter from Golden stating that I have chronic dislocation of some pelivei bone etc. There I say after 3 yr long years of misery sacrifice & all & they say I am not well yet, what should I have as a recompence. Believe me I don’t fear a suit (Webster says “suit”).

Florence and I are going down home today and get Dick and go for a ride this P.M. I guess Crane’s are going to have us over there to nite.

Arthur appealed to Floyd to use his influence to convince Roy on what to plant in Canada for the season.

Say Floyd write Roy a letter a use the best of your influence as you see it. I want to put in all the wheat possible as it will never again be as high a 2:26 guarantee for next yr. We have 240 a. of sum. Follow all the wheat land this year was as clean as any wheat you ever saw & all is plowed. You see there is all kinds of room for wheat. Roy wants to put in but 240 of wheat. I say put in more. I can hardly wait till we all get up there and “doing it.”  

Well old man I guess I will close now and I hope to see you soon.

Don’t forget the relics you know you can send a helmet etc by just by tying a tag of address you don’t have to wrap it at all. Some of the fellows stuff in the windows down town. With Love Arthur


In a Shell Hole

Who is Who?

Guy and Gertrude Phillips Family

Floyd was the middle of the five sons of Gertrude Lovin Boyce and Guy Allison Phillips.

Family group sheet, Guy Allison Phillips and Gertrude Lovin Boyce.


“Arthur” [Arthur Guy Phillips] (Aurora, Illinois) to “Floyd” [Floyd Boyce Phillips], letter, March 1919; privately held by Denise Krueger, Rochester, MN, 2019.

WWI Interactive Timeline, The National WWI Museum and Memorial ( https://www.theworldwar.org/explore/interactive-wwi-timeline : accessed 3 Jun 2019)

The Phillips Family

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