3-13 July 1919 Finally a Ride Home




Many thanks to Coralee for providing me with artifacts throughout the years and especially for the stack of WWI-era letters that were delivered to me on 31 May 2019. They have provided countless hours of family history entertainment.

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Though the actual fighting stopped in November 1918, it took another six months of negotiations at the Paris Peace Conference until the final peace treaty, called the Treaty of Versailles, was signed on 28 Jun 1919. Just a few days later, Floyd finally was able to board a ship for the trip back to the United States.

Getting the boys home from Europe after the war was somewhat of a logistical nightmare. They had millions of soldiers to return to the US. The following table, from A history of the transport service, shows the number of troops making the trip home in 1919.

Troops returning to the USA, 1919.

Floyd was transported back to America on a ship called the Cap Finisterre. They cleared the port at Brest, France, on 3 July 1919 and arrived at a pier in Hoboken, New Jersey, ten days later, on 13 July 1919.

Floyd Boyce Phillips WWI Transport record, July 1919.

The trip back was overcrowded. Newspaper articles reported of crowding and anger.

Norwich Bulletin, 14 July 1919.
The Los Angeles Times, 15 July 1919.


Honorable Discharge


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The Phillips Family

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