18 July 1919 Honorable Discharge




Many thanks to Coralee for providing me with artifacts throughout the years and especially for the stack of WWI-era letters that were delivered to me on 31 May 2019. They have provided countless hours of family history entertainment.

– Denise

We have come to the end of the WWI journey for Floyd Boyce Phillips. After arriving back in the USA on 13 July 1919, Floyd was taken to Mitchel Field, Long Island, New York, for final processing. He received his honorable discharge from the United States Army on 18 July 1919.

Floyd had entered service at Geneva, Illinois, on 29 May 1918. He was sent to Camp Hancock, Georgia, from 11 June 1918 through 10 July 1910. He left for foreign service on 31 July 1918. He served in France as the operator of a gasoline tractor. On 8 April 1919, he achieved the non-commissioned officer rank of Corporal.

He served his country well being recognized for having excellent character. He was never A.W.O.L. and his service was called honest and faithful.

He was 27-years old when he returned home and was likely excited to reunite with his family and get back to business with farming in Canada and Illinois.

Floyd Boyce Phillips, honorable discharge.

From New York, Floyd traveled back to Illinois. We don’t know when he arrived home, but the family was no doubt excited to have him back.

Floyd Boyce Phillips.
Gertrude Lovin Boyce, Floyd Boyce Phillips, and Guy Allison Phillips, circa 1918-9.
Arthur Guy Phillips and Floyd Boyce Phillips.

Who is Who?

Guy and Gertrude Phillips Family

Floyd was the middle of the five sons of Gertrude Lovin Boyce and Guy Allison Phillips.

Family Group Sheet, Gertrude Lovin Boyce and Guy Allison Phillips family.


Honorable Discharge from the United States Army, Record for Floyd Boyce Phillips, 18 July 1919, photo copy privately held by Denise Krueger, Rochester, MN, 2019.

Enlistment Record for Floyd Boyce Phillips, 26 January 1923, photo copy privately held by Denise Krueger, Rochester, MN, 2019.

Gertrude, Floyd, and Guy Phillips photograph, Phillips Family Collection; copy privately held by Denise Rae Krueger, [ADDRESS FOR PRIVATE USE,] Rochester, Minnesota, 2019.

The Phillips Family

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