Aldahl Family

The Aldahl Family

  • Publication date: November 2020
  • Pages: 708
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  • This book highlights the paternal line of ancestry for Lars Olson Aldahl. The book traces the descendants of Haldor Johanneson, the most distant man in that paternal line. Extended biographies are included for the families of Haldor Johanneson, his son Johannes Haldorson, his son Hans Johannesson Hermundsdal, his son Ole Hanson Aldalen, his son Knud Olson Aldalen, his son Ole Knutson Aldahl, and his son Lars Olson Aldahl. Hundreds of descendants have been discovered.

Pedigree Chart

Pedigree Chart for Margaret Olga Aldahl

Where are they in the tree?

Ancestor Report for Margaret Olga Aldahl

Profiles and Posts

Ole Knutson Aldahl

Ole Knutson Aldahl (1814-1890) Ole Knutson Aldahl was born in 1814 (probably), but we don’t…

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Knut Olson Aldalen

Knut Olson Aldalen (1787-1851) Knut Olson Aldalen was born in 1787 at the Aldahl farm…

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