Following are graduation photographs that need identification. If you recognize someone, please reply with a comment. In many cases, I will be willing to return the original photograph to closer relatives once names can be assigned to the faces.

Photographs from collection of Bennett and Margaret (Aldahl) Christianson

#3. IDENTIFIED! This is indeed,  Dennis Christianson.
#7. 1948. Anderson, Austin. A guess was made that this might be Phyllis, daughter of Peter and Hilda Knutson, but she would have graduated four or so years earlier. Could this be her sister Marilyn instead? Note: this is not one of the Noble girls. There were cousins named Phyllis in both the Christianson and Aldahl sides and this is not the Phyllis (or one of her sisters) from the Christianson side.
#11. IDENTIFIED! Hockett, Austin. This is Nolan, son of Lawrence and Mildred.
#16. 1944. Anderson, Austin.
#17. IDENTIFIED: This is Paul, son of Orville & Helen.



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  1. Sandra Christianson Sorenson Avatar
    Sandra Christianson Sorenson

    #3 is Dennis Christianson, son of Ivan and Mildred Christianson..
    #7 could be Rosalie Christianson Snyder Majorowicz. I say this because she was born in 1931. Rosalie, Marjorie, and Phyllis are daughters of Inez and Richard Noble, not the Knutson’s.
    #11 is Nolan Christianson, son of Lawrence and Mildred.
    #16 no clue
    #17 is Paul Christianson, son of Orville and Helen.

    1. spirits Avatar

      Thanks, that almost empties out my list of unidentified photos. I appreciate the help!

  2. Sandra Sorenson Avatar
    Sandra Sorenson

    Clinton Laverne Christianson’s obituary is in the Austin Daily Herald today. He was a first cousin to your grandfather Benny.

    1. spirits Avatar

      Thanks for letting me know!

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